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The Automation Studio is an advanced software tool that simplifies the creation of powerful data processing modules called Blu Nodes. Through the use of the Studio, users graphically wire high-integration components into functional models to create powerful instruments. The tool uses a novel graphical language based on the Iotronics paradigm that hides inner complexities and promotes functional concurrency and parallelism.

The Studio's toolbox components support mixed-signal parallel buses with streaming capabilities, which can be wired to remote nodes using global-wires that reach across the Internet. Global wires (i.e. super-fast wires), are double-shielded secure and support one-to-many interconnections of mixed-signal and multi-channel data. The Studio also includes a powerful multi-process debugger that safely handles concurrent-single-step across all threads in a subtle manner, hiding complexity and maximizing user experience.

BLU Nodes


The foundation of our distributed process automation solution model, Blu Nodes are Iotronics-compliant executables created with the Blu Automation Studio that perform process and/or command functions. Through the use of the Blu Node, Bluwired provides a modern, manageable way of reducing distributed system complexities and creating process automation within big data, M2M and IoT applications.

Blu Nodes can be interconnected to create complex workflow mechanisms and sophisticated process automation solutions. For example, one Blu Node can monitor factory inventory levels and produce a detailed low-inventory parts request. Another Blu Node can receive a low-inventory parts request; another Node creates the POs from the request and emails each personalized PO to the appropriate supplier; another Blu Node manages and supervises the workflow between the inventory monitor Blu Node and the email sender Blu Node to guarantee stability within the solution.

Blu Nodes can also share cells with other Blu Nodes, and within any workflow stage a Blu Node can be cloned into multiple personalized-instances for scalization purposes. Cell sharing amongst Blu Nodes is made possible through global wiring and instantiation of clones is based on a alpha-of-clones model in which an Alpha Blu Node instantiates and personalizes clones of itself. Consider the dynamic scalization case where a Blu Node monitors a patient's vital signs. If multiple subjects are added to the mix, a Blu Node can be cloned into hundreds of instances, each one assigned to monitor a different patient. This dynamic scalization capacity can shrink or expand the number of Blu Node clones in order to accommodate the demands of the load. This complex scenario can easily be implemented through our framework.

Finally, one of the most important features of the Blu Node framework is that every Blu Node comes with a built-in run-time debugger; and by virtue of being Iotronics-ready, all Blu Nodes and devices within a Blu Node support global debugging. A supervisor Blu Node can simultaneously pause and single-step all the Blu Nodes in a workflow project, or all the Blu Nodes in a workflow stage or all the Blu Nodes of a selected group. The debugging capabilities include browsing the state of every object within a Blu Node, display of the step elapsed time for every object thread inside a Blu Node, and the debugger can even single step Virtual Plugins written in C# or VB.NET.

The Blu Nodes ability to provide concurrency, parallelism, dynamic scalization, tier debugging features, seamless simulators gives IoT and M2M developers an unmatched mechanism for orchestrating workflows for complex process automation solutions.

BLU Plugins


Blu Plugins are Iotronics-ready Virtual Plugin Controllers (VPCs) that provide the means of reaching all types of consumers, producers, and processors of data in a form suitable for the Iotronics data processing environment.

We include several VPCs as part of the Blu Automation Studio, including: Database Writer, Database Reader, File Writer, File Reader, Email Sender, Remote Reader, OPC Data Reader, SMS Text Sender, EKG Wave Analyzer and more.

We also offer our expertise in creating any type of VPC needed by your solution in areas such as: DSP, Compression, Encryption, Web Services, REST, Hadoop, Oracle, MySQL, OPC, Profibus, Modbus and more.

BLU Gateway


Blu Gateway is a hardware/software component that maps third party wireless sensor networks into the Iotronics fabric. The Blu-Gateway models a third-party wireless network as arrays of cells that are Iotronics-ready, with the capacity to handle global wiring and streams of mixed-signal parallel buses. The Iotronics fabric enables accessibility to cloud recorders, cloud consumers, cloud producers, cloud processors, display nodes, workflow nodes and more.

We offer two hardware reference designs supporting: WIFI and ZigBee wireless protocols.



The Blu iSensor is an Analog Operating System (AOS) that can be easily ported into current microcomputers facilitating the integration of most wireless sensors with our Blu Gateway and mapping them into the Iotronics fabric. The iSensor software models the sensor as a real-time streaming spreadsheet that can share and transfer cell data to the Blu Cloud using ZigBee, ANT, or WIFI protocols.



The Blu Sensor Hardware component is an ultra-low power wireless sensor reference design featuring WIFI connectivity. The board includes WIFI Certified communications, a programming USB port, 16 digital I/O and 4 analog inputs, 2 UARTS and normalized signal conditioning. The board may require additional signal conditioning to properly connect it to the sensing device(s).

The board comes preloaded with our Blu iSensor Analog Operating System and it's ready to operate as part of the Bluwired Iotronics fabric.



Blu Cloud is a software component that consists of several cloud-resident, multi-user engines, including: Multi-track Analog Data Recorders, Streaming Spread-sheet Processors, Global Wiring and more. All engines are scalable and accessible through Web-Services or through Blu Wiring.

bluwired cloud